Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Contemplative Cinema at The Texas Theatre

Contemplative Cinema and The Texas Theatre are proud to present a special "Underground Dungeon" screening curated by Mike Morris.

Screenings will take place at 9pm on Friday November 11th and Saturday November 12th at The Texas Theatre in the dank, underground area known as "Cinema 17".

Screening will be New and In-Progress handmade 16mm films by San Francisco based artist Eric Stewart. These films explore themes of deep ecology and landscape through direct manipulation of the film surface.

plus 3 iconic handmade films:
"Mothlight" by Stan Brakhage,
"Fuses" by Carolee Schneeman,
"Film Feedback" by Tony Conrad.

Program total running time is about 45 minutes. All films are silent and projected on 16mm.

$5 or FREE w/ Texas Theatre Membership

The Texas Theatre • 231 W. Jefferson Blvd Oak Cliff, TX 75208 • Box office: (214)948-1546 • Fax: (214)948-1525 • info@aviationcinemas.com

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